Malas noticias

Capulet.- For shame, bring Juliet forth; her lord is come.
Nurse.- She's dead, deceased, she's dead; alack the day!
Lady Capulet.- Alack the day, she's dead, she's dead, she's dead!

(Romeo y Julieta)

Messala.- Then like a Roman bear the truth I tell:
For certain she is dead, and by strange manner.
Marcus Brutus.- Why, farewell, Portia. -We must die, Messala:
With meditating that she must die once,
I have the patience to endure it now.

(Julio César)

King.- How now, sweet queen!
Quenn.- One woe doth tread upon another's heel,
so fast they follow: -your sister's drown'd, Laertes.
Laertes.- Drown'd! O, where?


Macbeth.- Wherefore was that cry?
Seyton.- The queen, my lord, is dead.
Macbeth.- She should have died hereafter;
There would have been a time for such a word.


Gentleman.- Help, help,O, help!
Edgar.- What kind of help?
Duke of Albany.- Speak, man.
Edgar.- What means that bloody knife?
Gentleman.- 'Tis hot, it smokes;
it came even from the heart of -O, she's dead!
Duke of Albany.- Who dead? speak, man.
Gentleman.- Your lady, sir, your lady; and her sister

(Rey Lear)

Mark Antony.- Fulvia is dead.
Domitius Enobarbus.- Sir?
Mark Antony.- Fulvia is dead.
Domitius Enobarbus.- Fulvia!
Mark Antony.- Dead.

(Antonio y Cleopatra)

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